I wrote patches for infra's git hooks[1] and pkgdev[2] that add two new
commit tags to support the automatic closure of bugs with resolutions
other than FIXED.
However, I am not entirely convinced that the meaning of the chosen tags
is self-evident enough for a third party to understand them at a glance.

Feel free to comment on my propsals or suggest alternatives! You'll
hopefully be using them frequently :)

> Orphans: https://bugs.gentoo.org/####

This commit removes the (last remaining) package that has been affected by
this bug. The bug will be closed with resolution PKGREMOVED.
Unknowing users might think that the bug's assignee will be removed

Sam also suggested "Removed:" and "Last-rited:"[3].
In my opinion, they don't convey that it's the underlying package that
is being remvoed and not the bug itself.

> Antiquates: https://bugs.gentoo.org/####

This commit removes ebuilds and newer versions of the program are no
longer affected or it drops support for the problematic feature. This
bug will be closed with resolution OBSOLETE.
The tag may more commonly be understood as 'makes old-fashioned', which
doesn't really make sense in this context. Pkgdev would only provide the
long option `--antiq`, which would be a bit shorter than `--obsoletes`.

[3]: https://marc.info/?l=gentoo-dev&m=170737555732280&w=2

Lucio Sauer

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