I've looked at the Gentoo SELinux web pages etc, the SELinux Handbook and through the Reference Policy and I cannot find the answer to a simple question.

I am writing a small policy for my backup system and I want to be able to a) access a MongoDB running on remote servers, and b) use rsync. I can see two AVCs relating to my port use and I know how I can fix the problem from the command line, but surely I should be able to address this in the policy? I think there is an rsync interface I need to call (rsync_entry_type(mytype_t)) and I assume this will run rsync in the right domain?

Mongo has a policy but the only interface is admin. All I need to do locally is connect to the port. Can I use "portcon" in a policy to do this or do I need to do something else?


Robert Sharp

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