First,  great work on all the patches and improvements I've been seeing.

I know there is somewhat of a feature freeze while you are catching up,
but.  If anyone is working on this section of code, could you keep in
mind the following feature request.

emerge -pv <package>

would actually continue listing (modified normal)after finding a
dependency is masked rather than stop on, and report only, the first
one.  The masked packages would need to be marked as such [hard masked,
keyword masked], possibly shown grouped in blocks [KEYWORD, HARD MASKED,

It is most annoying trying to update a meta package that has a bunch of
new dependencies that are masked.  Perhaps even a:

emerge --Keyword <package>

feature added to ask for approval to add a keyword masked package &/or
DEPENDS to the package.keyword file after listing them for acceptance.

P.S. add the masked package/DEPEND list output to the API so I can
incorporate into porthole :)

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