Jason Stubbs wrote:
> On Saturday 05 November 2005 05:08, Thomas de Grenier de Latour wrote:
> Most operate only on the bash side and/or within doebuild (which should be 
> getting a setcpv()'d settings object already) so should work. The rest just
> require setcpv() to be called and/or relocated.
>>Oh, and something i've just wondered about and i prefer to mention
>>before i forget: what about USE_EXPAND variables? Are they handled
>>fine with the current patch, or is the "variable -> USE flags"
>>conversion done only once for all in portage?
> There's a block of code near the end of config.__init__ that sets up 
> USE_EXPAND. This block would need to be moved into regenerate().
> --
> Jason Stubbs

2.0.53_rc7, that code has already moved to regenerate(), I know because
I was messing with it today.  So that bit should be done :)
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