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- Is one of these svn-web-repository up to date?
  * http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/portage/main/branches/savior/
  * http://mzz.mine.nu/bzr/savior-svn/portage/

I switched over to bzr about 2 months back; svn doesn't allow for offline committing, nor does gentoo's vcs allow for anon*... bzr natively allows for those capabilities, so that's what I'm using. :)

Is where I'll be updating the code  for at least the near future.

emerge bzr
bzr get http://gentooexperimental.org/~ferringb/bzr/saviour
cd saviour
bzr pull

...roughly. ;)

- Where can I find general ideas about the functionality of the planned
  new portage API. (TODO files, anything about the general structure)

http://gentooexperimental.org/~ferringb/bzr/saviour/dev-notes/framework probably is of interest; What's needed right now (eg, something I'm not currently working on) is functionality to inspect restriction groups.  Might now make sense, but after reading through layout.txt and restrictions in the framework directory, ought to make a bit more sense ;)

Basically... need the ability to descend through a restriction set and identify all restrictions that are a PackageRestriction checking the category attribute (fex); it's required for making repo.match a fair sight faster, and for part of the resolver work.

- Is any API functionality already implemented (so that I can learn how
  it is meant to work). Where can I find the corresponding files?

Functionality is implemented for searching (pretty much can search via whatever you want with any insane combination of criteria), full building/fetching of an ebuild, merging/installing to a vdb, unmerging/uninstalling from a vdb.

I've got a crappy replace operation I'm fixing up which will be pushed to ge.o sometime this week also, although the trigger work is dragging out.

- When is the best time to find some people of the savior branch in
  #gentoo-portage (I don't have time to lure in the # all the time, but
  it's probably the best and quickest way to get more informations)

UTC 03-08 roughly, although I'm occasionally online during UTC 18->01


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