tvali wrote:
Ok, i send a lot of them, but hopefully they're interesting :)

I did research a bit about adding SQL support to portage -- as much as
i see, mysql is smallest sql server, which could be emerged with
python module.

In beginning, i think that SQL database structure should be created,
which supports basic fields from ebuilds (DESCRIPTION, HOMEPAGE,

Then emerge --createsql command should be set up, which adds data from
/usr/portage/ filetree into this sql database.

You're talking about the cache, take a look at the cache subsystem and write a mysql module for it. This will never become a default though (we would get killed if portage starts to depend on mysql).

I have some questions now:
* Where i could find basic ebuild specification?

Developer handbook, ebuild(5), bash(1)

* Where i could find basic portage tree datastructure specification,
if there is any?

Not really.

* Does portage have some code documentation for faster learning?
(or should i just read the code?)

code documentation ... what's that? ;)

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