tvali wrote:
> Ok, i send a lot of them, but hopefully they're interesting :)
> I would like to build sql table-structure after getting the
> information and send it into this list here so that you could hek out
> if it has something missing or poorly optimized. PS. i dont like rules
> of database normalizing, so my strutures usually have some "hacks" in
> them -- i hope that noone complains about that; normalized structures
> are just dull and optimized only for dumb-user-human-readability,
> which is imho not the biggest virtue of software code.

Uhhh you don't like normalizing your schemas?  Normalizing does two
things, reduces redundant data, and increases database speed as tables
are designed in a manner that minimalizes merging time.

Running with a schema you pulled out of your ass is likely to give poor
database performance.

-Alec Warner

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