2006/3/14, Alec Warner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> tvali wrote:
> > Ok, i send a lot of them, but hopefully they're interesting :)
> >
> > I would like to build sql table-structure after getting the
> > information and send it into this list here so that you could hek out
> > if it has something missing or poorly optimized. PS. i dont like rules
> > of database normalizing, so my strutures usually have some "hacks" in
> > them -- i hope that noone complains about that; normalized structures
> > are just dull and optimized only for dumb-user-human-readability,
> > which is imho not the biggest virtue of software code.
> Uhhh you don't like normalizing your schemas?  Normalizing does two
> things, reduces redundant data, and increases database speed as tables
> are designed in a manner that minimalizes merging time.

I will consider what you sayd about db app design.

Anyway, i usually try to keep tables more dynamic and look at task at
hand, trying to make tables specially for it. When i tested
normalizing, i got about 60 tables where i had 5 without normalizing.
I didnt build both and test speed, but i have believed that indexing
tables makes them fast, too. In that specific case about 40 of those
tables were very similar and i did join them a bit and made some
multifunctinal fields, others were about connections between tables,
which i did put into one table. In that case, which i am talking
about, code, which used those tables, were just a lot simpler and
shorter, when tables were built in such way, also i didnt have to fear
that when i need to do mixed searches or other things like that, code
gets complex. I think that looking database structures without
considering normalizing rules gives much -- only this db app
optimization, which you mentioned, may really make normalized tables
better in some cases (and i still hope that there is a way out as i
couldnt understand, why one makes such a powerful language as SQL just
to deny most of it's beauty afterwards :D).

> Running with a schema you pulled out of your ass is likely to give poor
> database performance.
> -Alec Warner

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