tvali wrote:

I will consider what you sayd about db app design.

Anyway, i usually try to keep tables more dynamic and look at task at
hand, trying to make tables specially for it. When i tested
normalizing, i got about 60 tables where i had 5 without normalizing.
I'm not a Gentoo dev, but a programmer who deals with software and db design issues every day. Normalizing your data structures keeps them - and the apps that use them - flexible.

Of course a table with fields like "customernr, customername, item1, item2, item3" is easier to create and smaller than one table for the customers and one for items. But what if there's a 4th and a 5th item? You have to change your table and every place in your app that uses it (which should only be one).

I assume you're also not too fond of design patterns because some require you to create 5 classes for something you could do with one ;-)...

- Johannes.

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