On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 03:50:18PM +0200, tvali wrote:
> Another question now is about sync.
> I did read somewhere, that this is not good user behavior to sync more
> than once per day. I understand that as if this is a huge download
> even if there is nothing changed.
> Isnt it nice idea to have this database just optimized?
> I mean (assuming portage using SQL now) -- that would be really simple
> to log every change in portage tree as series of SQL queries, which
> would reproduce this change.

Pushing the delta (what you're suggesting) is only usable if it can be 
guranteed the user hasn't modified their tree at all (thus resulting 
in cache db differing from upstreams).

That right there is the brass tacks of it; You wouldn't be able to 
push just the changes, you would have to regenerate the _whole_ db 
(slow, >20k inserts assuming only one table).

Sidenote... please post seperate threads for seperate 
ideas/discussions, else it's damn hard to look back and pull the 
specific thread were something was discussed.

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