Yes SQL tables are better for that as it's simpler to update them :)

2006/3/15, Brian Harring <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 04:33:06PM +0200, tvali wrote:
> > I did think about it now and it seems to me that probably it would be
> > much faster if esearch is not just another package, but part of
> > portage.
> >
> > I mean -- functions of portage, which query db, should use esearch
> > index wherever they need information, which exists in that index.
> >
> > As much as i can understand, /var/cache/edb/ contains esearch database
> > in many files and is search index as python script.
> No...
> esearch is a static db- only useful for 'frozen' trees, eg rsync
> distributed trees with no eclasses in overlays.  All cvs users (devs)
> run unfrozen trees (readonly/readwrite is better terminology), thus
> portage updates the cache db on the fly as needed.
> If esearch was integrated into portage the result would be stale
> metadata for cvs users, and stale metadata for rsync users when
> overlays with eclasses are involved- no go.
> That and esearch last I looked just generates a giant dict (thus the
> cache is in memory), which kind of blows the <25mb mem usage 2.1
> now sports :)
> ~harring

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