Zac Medico wrote:
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Jason Stubbs wrote:
Most of that work can be attributed to Brian Harring. For a real kicker
though, throw "portdbapi.auxdbmodule = cache.metadata_overlay.database"
into /etc/portage/modules and FEATURES="-metadata-transfer" into make.conf.
Then rm -rf /var/cache/edb/dep. This one goes to Zac Medico, the current
release coordinator, and builds on Brian's work to cut out cache updating
altogether. New in pre6 and in need of testing - especially when
local modifications are made - but very promising.

Before I switched from rsync to cvs I used metadata_overlay all of the time.  
Andrew Gaffney has also reported good results with this module.  He share's the 
portage tree (including pre-generated rsync cache) via nfs and uses 
metadata_overlay on all the clients so that they pull pre-generated cache on 

Yep, still going strong through _pre6-r3 on multiple arches.

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