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> On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 11:01:56AM +0900, Jason Stubbs wrote:
>> On Saturday 15 April 2006 03:31, Brian Harring wrote:
>> > cache backend selection (failed import == defaults to sys default)
>> This is incorrect. It displays an error message and quits.
> Still leaves the other features then (and raises the question that 
> it's not internally totally standard)...
> Either way, standard for it is preferable (again, prefer failures 
> myself, but I'm not a normal user)...

Wouldn't the "help them out" default be consistent with the
"non-interactive" goal for portage?  Quit if there's no sane way to go
forward without potentially breaking a system, but otherwise, use sane
fallbacks where they are possible.

That would seem to me to be the rationale behind the current standard
behavior.  Personally, I prefer a bit more interactivity in cases like
that as well, but I definitely see the argument for continuing if it's
possible to do in a sane manner.

(It should be obvious, but for completeness, "interactivity" in this case
refers to the global scale of quitting and waiting for the user to fix
something, not interactivity within the app.)

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