Philipp Riegger wrote:
> On Apr 15, 2006, at 6:10 PM, Duncan wrote:
>>> But i really think this is not about helping but about confusion.  If i
>>> post my emerge --info you don't know if i really use confcache  even
>>> if i
>>> have FEATURES="confcache", because emerge --info does not say if i  have
>>> emerged confcache and, if i have emerged it, which version it is.  I
>>> think
>>> this should also be listed in emerge --info.
>> Very good point.
> Should i file a bug on this?
> Philipp

Nope, lets bring it to -dev ( yay crossposting )

The issue for those on the -dev ML, is that portage has some features
that require binaries ( sandbox, ccache, confcache ) and so you need two
things for them to work.  You need FEATURES={sandbox,ccache,confcache}
and you need each package installed.  The FEATURES line is already
printed.  sandbox is already in info_pkgs.

Is there any problem with adding dev-util/confcache and dev-util/ccache
to info_pkgs?
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