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    Paul Dlug wrote:
     > The following patch upgrades www-apache/mod_jk to 1.2.15 (current
     > available version in portage is 1.2.13 which has numerous evil bugs).
     > This is my first submission so I wasn't sure if attached patches are
     > preferred to inline ones (or vice versa). Let me know if there's any
     > other recommended submission techniques.

    Oops, this list is for portage (the package manager) development, not
    for the portage tree (the ebuilds, eclasses, etcetera found in
    /usr/portage).  Issues with the latter (such as an update to mod_jk)
    should be filed on <>.  (I
    know, it's a patch, not a bug,
but we use bugzilla for all of those sorts of things.)

Thanks for the info, I'll submit it in Bugzilla, someone should really correct the info on the portage page in the "Submitting Patches" section:

Thank you for your input, I've updated the site to hopefully make it a bit more clear which patches go here, and which go on

Another newbie question: is there an equivalent of the FreeBSD Porters Handbook for portage? Something that covers how to create ebuild files and general guidelines for USE flags?


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