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Ferris McCormick schrieb:
>> It looks different, if spam is installed and I try to install bacon
>> additionally:
>> # emerge -1av bacon
>> These are the packages that would be merged, in order:
>> Calculating dependencies                ... done!
>> [ebuild     UD] app-test/eggs-1 [2] 0 kB [1]
>> [ebuild  N    ] app-test/bacon-1  0 kB [1]
> What happens if you use
> emerge -1avD bacon

Does not work either.

>> This second behavior looks wrong to me, as it downgrades the RDEPEND of
>> spam and thus spam becomes unusable.
> Yeah, it does look wrong, but I don't think it is.  Ideally, I suppose
> eggs-1 could depend on !=app-test/spam-1 and so on, but that requires
> coordination among developers.  I suppose there is a bug in the ebuilds
> because they should be set up so that if you have spam installed, you
> can't install bacon and so on.

I think, this would be the wrong way., as they block each other already
because of the RDEPEND. Else one would have to check the whole tree for
a conflicting RDEPEND and then adding a whole bunch of blocks.
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