Patrick Börjesson <> posted, excerpted below, on  Sat, 30 May 2009
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> It's a weigh-off between having an easy time pruning your system and
> having emerge calculate a "correct" dependency graph for your entire
> system. As far as emerge is concerned, a leaf package installed with
> --oneshot isn't reachable through the dependency graph, thus its
> dependencies shouldn't be accounted for.

Exactly.  I've no argument with --complete-graph working how it works as 
that's entirely logical.  I was simply answering the question, why would 
someone use --oneshot for a leaf package?

Ideally there's only one or two sets of trial install packages at any one 
time anyway, they were all installed at the same time either together or 
after having run a --pretend with them together so there were no known 
conflicts at that time, and they're taken care of one way or the other by 
the time of the next emerge -uDN @world (which is seldom >5 days, here, 
and more often I've reconciled within a couple days, unless one of the 
leaf packages is being stubborn and won't build for some reason, because 
a not fully reconciled, revdep-rebuilt and --depcleaned system /bothers/ 
me!) so it has no chance of messing them up because they're either part 
of it or unmerged.

FWIW, FEATURES=buildpkg /does/ make life easier, too, because if there's 
a "trialware" leaf package that won't build, I can simply unmerge the 
dependencies temporarily, thus getting back to a fully reconciled system, 
and come back to it when I have more time to trace the bug down, or when 
there's movement on the bug if I'm depending on that.

So yes there's reason to sometimes not have a dependency branch "covered" 
with an @world leaf, but there's no reason that should affect normal or 
even complete @world deps calculations, and indeed, I'm happy that it 
doesn't, as that would only throw in additional complications I don't 
want or need.

But I'm wondering, is there possibly some method of doing the same 
complete-graph thing for the @installed set?  I can't imagine ever using 
it or for that matter @installed in any form here as it just doesn't fit 
my admin style (as should be self-evident from the above), but since 
that's effectively what we're talking about...

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