Am 08.07.2014 18:58, schrieb Michael Haubenwallner:
> Hello fellow Portage developers,
> attached portage patch draft aims to allow for easy distributing eclasses to 
> be tested by
> multiple tinderboxes on various architectures, without being active for 
> normal installs.

What does the patch allow you to do, that you can't do right now? (i.e.
put an eclass with the same name in an repository and use
eclass-overrides to force its use in another repo?)

> Usage is to have in make.conf (or profile): PORTAGE_ECLASS_VARIANTS="testing"
> and for the eclass: to live in tree-or-overlay/eclass/testing/
> Thoughts? (even for var-naming, manpage yes/no/wording, ...)

There are lots of places to update (including python code). See git grep

> Thank you!
> /haubi/

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