Currently PORTAGE_ARCHLIST has random value:
$ bin/portageq envvar PORTAGE_ARCHLIST
x64-macos x86-linux amd64-fbsd ppc x86 x86-macos x86-winnt hppa alpha 
sparc64-solaris x86-freebsd ppc-openbsd x86-solaris s390 m68k mips ppc64-linux 
ia64-linux x64-openbsd amd64-linux x86-cygwin amd64 sparc64-freebsd ppc64 
ia64-hpux sparc-solaris ia64 ppc-macos x86-interix x86-openbsd arm arm64 
hppa-hpux arm-linux sparc x64-solaris m68k-mint sh x86-netbsd sparc-fbsd 
ppc-aix x86-fbsd x64-freebsd
$ bin/portageq envvar PORTAGE_ARCHLIST
arm-linux sparc64-solaris x86-openbsd ppc64-linux ppc-macos x64-macos 
sparc-solaris ppc mips hppa-hpux ppc-aix x86-linux sparc x86-macos x86 
ia64-hpux x86-fbsd arm64 x64-freebsd ppc64 amd64 x86-winnt alpha x86-freebsd sh 
x86-solaris sparc64-freebsd m68k amd64-fbsd s390 x64-openbsd ia64 x86-netbsd 
amd64-linux ppc-openbsd arm x86-interix ia64-linux x64-solaris sparc-fbsd hppa 
m68k-mint x86-cygwin
$ bin/portageq envvar PORTAGE_ARCHLIST
x86-netbsd x86-solaris x86-winnt x64-solaris amd64 x86-fbsd x86-interix 
m68k-mint x64-macos arm64 hppa x86-freebsd amd64-fbsd m68k x86-openbsd ppc 
sparc x64-freebsd ppc-aix ia64 x86 sparc-solaris x86-macos arm ppc-openbsd 
alpha sh mips ppc64 sparc64-solaris sparc-fbsd ppc64-linux ia64-linux 
sparc64-freebsd arm-linux hppa-hpux amd64-linux s390 x64-openbsd ia64-hpux 
x86-linux x86-cygwin ppc-macos
$ bin/portageq envvar PORTAGE_ARCHLIST
sparc64-solaris arm-linux x86-openbsd x86-macos ia64-linux x86-fbsd ppc64-linux 
hppa amd64 x64-macos ia64-hpux hppa-hpux ia64 sparc-solaris sparc-fbsd 
amd64-fbsd alpha mips x86-cygwin x86-interix ppc64 amd64-linux x86-freebsd m68k 
s390 ppc-openbsd x64-freebsd ppc-macos sparc64-freebsd arm ppc-aix x86-netbsd 
x86-solaris x64-openbsd x86-winnt sparc x86-linux m68k-mint x64-solaris sh x86 
ppc arm64

I suggest to make it predictable.


Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
--- pym/portage/package/ebuild/
+++ pym/portage/package/ebuild/
@@ -779,7 +779,7 @@
 			archlist = [grabfile(os.path.join(x, "arch.list")) \
 				for x in locations_manager.profile_and_user_locations]
-			archlist = stack_lists(archlist, incremental=1)
+			archlist = sorted(stack_lists(archlist, incremental=1))
 			self.configdict["conf"]["PORTAGE_ARCHLIST"] = " ".join(archlist)
 			pkgprovidedlines = [grabfile(

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