I suggest to add support for per-repository per-attribute environmental 
variables in Portage.
These variables would be used when PORTAGE_REPOSITORIES is not set.

Example of setting of them by user and detection of them by Portage:

$ env \
> PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:gentoo:location=/var/db/repositories/gentoo-cvs \
> PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:gentoo:sync-type=cvs \
> PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:gentoo:sync-uri=:pserver:anonym...@anoncvs.gentoo.org:/var/cvsroot
>  \
> python -c 'import os, pprint; pprint.pprint([x for x in os.environ.items() if 
> x[0].startswith("PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:")])'
[('PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:gentoo:sync-type', 'cvs'),
 ('PORTAGE_REPOSITORY:gentoo:location', '/var/db/repositories/gentoo-cvs'),

A separator between components of names of these variables cannot be any 
character valid in names of repositories.

Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis

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