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>> From: "Anthony G. Basile" <bluen...@gentoo.org>
>> The current method to check for the system locale is to use python's
>> ctypes.util.find_library() to construct a full library path to the
>> system libc.so which is then passed to ctypes.CDLL().  However,
>> this gets bogged down in implementation dependant details and
>> fails with musl.
>> We work around this design flaw in ctypes with a small python module
>> written in C called 'portage_c_check_locale', and only fall back on
>> the current ctypes-based check when this module is not available.
>> This has been tested on glibc, uClibc and musl systems.
>> X-Gentoo-bug: 571444
>> X-Gentoo-bug-url: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=571444
>> Signed-off-by: Anthony G. Basile <bluen...@gentoo.org>
> To be honest, I don't like this. Do we really want to duplicate all this, 
> including duplicating the complete messages? This really looks messy and 
> unmaintainable.
> The only reason libc functions were being used was to workaround the hacky 
> built-in case conversion functions. And this is the only part where CDLL was 
> really used.
> So please change this to provide trivial wrappers around the C library 
> functions, and use them alternatively to ones obtained using CDLL. With a 
> single common code doing all the check logic and messaging.

ctypes is itself a problem and so hacky python built-ins were replaced
by more hacky python.  CDLL shouldn't be used at all.  The other problem
is that non utf-8 encodings cause problems much earlier in the portage
codebase than the test for a sane environment, which is a bigger problem
than this small issue.  No one checked what happens with python2.7 +
portage + exotic locale.  Since I don't know where this might head in
the future, I kinda like the standalone potential.  The only repeated
code here is the message.  Nonetheless, I can reduce this to just two
functions, and do something like the following.  I assume that's what
you're suggesting:

        from portage_c_convert_case import _c_toupper, _c_tolower
        libc_toupper = _c_toupper
        libc_lolower = _c_tolower
except ImportError:
        libc_fn = find_library("c")
        if libc_fn is None:
                return None
        libc = LoadLibrary(libc_fn)
        if libc is None:
                return None
        libc_toupper = libc.toupper
        libc_tolower = libc.tolower

Incidentally, another approach, one that I use in bash is as follows.  I
think it requires bash4, and I'm not sure how to pull this into python

[[ $l == $rl ]] && echo "lower case okay" || echo "lower case bad"
[[ $u == $ru ]] && echo "upper case okay" || echo "upper case bad"

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