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>It seems the three of us who've replied are all available 2016-06-07
>at 2pm UTC. That's 4pm for me. Check when it is in your timezone[0],
>and I'll see you then! And remember to update the agenda[1] with your

Could you add the topic of PMS compliance patches for me? Thanks to our very 
helpful www team, wiki is completely inaccessible to people who are not around 
a PC.

I'll be in travel during the meeting, and I'll hopefully join via phone unless 
I fall asleep too hard :-). In case the latter happens, short note the releases 

I'd really appreciate if we could:

1. Get at least patches 1-3 (preferably all 4) of my INSTALL_MASK improvements 

2. Do a release with them and the global-score use* ban (already in master),

3. Delay USE_EXPAND patches post release.

The global-scope use* uses are already fixed, so urgent release with the change 
will prevent people from reintroducing them.

The INSTALL_MASK enhancements would give people more tools for lingua 
filtering. Therefore, it would be good to have it early, and to mention them in 
the news item before LINGUAS are adjusted to adhere to the PMS.

>[1]  <https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Portage/Meetings#Agenda>
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Best regards,
Michał Górny (by phone)

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