On 06/12/2016 01:29 PM, Zac Medico wrote:
> On 05/22/2016 01:21 AM, Michał Górny wrote:
>> diff --git a/pym/portage/package/ebuild/config.py 
>> b/pym/portage/package/ebuild/config.py
>> index fcc7ce5..9d13703 100644
>> --- a/pym/portage/package/ebuild/config.py
>> +++ b/pym/portage/package/ebuild/config.py
>> @@ -1774,14 +1774,14 @@ class config(object):
>>              _eapi_cache.clear()
>>              # Prepare the final value of INSTALL_MASK
>> -            install_mask = self["INSTALL_MASK"].split()
>> +            install_mask = self.get("INSTALL_MASK", "").split()
>>              if 'nodoc' in self.features:
>>                      install_mask.append("/usr/share/doc")
>>              if 'noinfo' in self.features:
>>                      install_mask.append("/usr/share/info")
>>              if 'noman' in self.features:
>>                      install_mask.append("/usr/share/man")
>> -            self["INSTALL_MASK"] = ' '.join(install_mask)
>> +            self.install_mask = install_mask
>>      def _grab_pkg_env(self, penv, container, protected_keys=None):
>>              if protected_keys is None:
> The config.reset method should reset self.install_mask to match the
> global INSTALL_MASK setting.

For the benefit of those who may not be as familiar with the config
class, here is some of the related irc discussion:

<zmedico> mgorny: config.setcpv put's the config into per-package state,
and config.reset reverts it to global state
<mgorny> i see
<mgorny> so how does that affect me? ;-D
<zmedico> because yout set self.install_mask in config.setcpv
<zmedico> so you also have to handle global setting of that attribute
<zmedico> every attribute has global and per-package state
<zmedico> for example the usemask attribute is similar
<zmedico> initially it has global use.mask settings
<mgorny> hmm, so you mean i can't rely on both being combined properly
in .setcpv() ?
<mgorny> hmm, but wait, do i need to care about global state at all?
<zmedico> yes, that's what config.reset is for
<zmedico> it transitions back to global state
<mgorny> but is there any case when i need the global state?
<mgorny> i don't think the mask is used without packages
<zmedico> if that's the case, the you can set it to None whien the
config is in global mode
<zmedico> careful though, setcpv returns early in some cases
<zmedico> and you set self.install_mask at the very end of that method
<zmedico> so it's not guaranteed to execute
<zmedico> so you have end up with self.install_mask having the global
setting after a setcpv call
<zmedico> which is fine if there's no package.env setting for that package

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