On 04/08/2016 04:33 AM, Alexander Berntsen wrote:
> On 08/04/16 08:21, Zac Medico wrote:
>> Reverse? You want it to measure dissimilarity? Not sure what you
>> mean.
> Sorry, I meant reverse the *docs* to mean "find things that are at
> least 50% similar" rather than "cut off things that aren't above the
> 0.5 threshold". I.e. use an inclusive sentence. I feel that this is
> more clear.
>> I just want it to fail if the input is invalid.
> Yes, I just realised you checked if it were <=, not just <. I think
> this is a bad idea. It's easily missed -- I just missed it last time
> around. I would suggest to make it fail early, rather than set it to
> 0.0 which you then set to None. Just set it to None immediately.

I've just sent "[PATCH] emerge: add --fuzzy-search and
--search-similarity (bug 65566)" which hopefully accounts for all of the
previous feedback.

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