FEATURES=splitdebug at the moment require package dev-util/debugedit
which is a lagging behind upstream.
However package app-arch/rpm (from which debugedit is forked) always
install the same binary in ${ROOT}/usr/libexec/rpm/debugedit.

In 2017 I don't see much value in maintaining a fork from a package
(rpm) that weight less than 3MB when the functionality we need is
already all upstreamed. But if there is someone willing to keep it up to
date, that's totally fine.

Provided we^W you keep dev-util/debugedit indefinitely  it's possible to
provide more useful choices to the users with at least two courses of

1) instruct ${package_manager} to search for `debugedit` first in
${PATH} _and_ then in /usr/libexec/rpm/debugedit.
This way dev-util/debugedit take precedence, if it's not installed and
app-arch/rpm is, then the latter will be used.

2) optionally (via useflag) create a symlink in /usr/bin to the libexec
debugedit when installing rpm. Obviously the two package must block each
the rpm package implementing this solution (revbumped to latest) is
available here:

thanks for reading and please share your thoughts

-- Francesco (vivo) Riosa

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