Dear Portage developers,

I am a Post-doc in formal methods and software engineering. With my colleagues, 
we are working on a formal model for software composition, and were looking for 
a concrete example of such model to motivate and guide our work. I knew portage 
from using gentoo since 2007, and knew that it is the perfect use case for us.

The first result of our work is a prototype for a constraint-based dependency 
solver for Portage:
 like the emerge tool, it takes in parameter a list of atoms to install, and 
computes a full list of packages to install to satisfy the package dependency 
Up to bugs, this tool is correct and complete: it will always find a solution 
if it exists, and always tell if there are none.
For instance, it successfully computed that gnome-base/gnome cannot be 
installed by default (on a udev system), but found a solution that replaces 
sys-fs/eudev by sys-apps/systemd when we allow the tool to change the USE flag 
selection of the packages.

With this prototype, we also compiled (90% of) a documentation on how portage 
manages package configuration (USE flags declaration, selection, masking, 
keywording, ...).

Link to the prototype:
Link to the documentation:

We would really like to know your opinions, impressions and suggestions about 
this work.
We would also like to know how useful this tool could be for the community:
 as for now, it is a prototype of a dependency solver (that would definitively 
need some work to be usable in production), but it also offers the possibility 
of any kind of formal analysis on the REQUIRED_USE and dependencies in 
packages, like the one described in
For instance, our tool already checks for obvious reasons (inconsistent 
REQUIRED_USE or unmet dependencies) causing a package not to be installable. In 
particular, on the Portage version available in 
, our tool identified 14 packages that could not be installed for these reasons 
(the full list in in post-scriptum).

Additionally, our implementation is based on what I understood of the portage's 
documentation, which I compiled in the document: it would be very 
helpful if you could point error that I made or subtleties that I didn't 
understand or missed.

Best Regards,
Michael Lienhardt

PS: list of uninstallable packages:

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