On 13/12/17 02:52, michael.lienha...@laposte.net wrote:
> But maybe there are things we can do to help start a dialog, like:
>  - reaching in other mailing lists
I don't think a post to gentoo-dev would be remiss in this case.

>  - posting on a Gentoo forum
Always useful, I'm told, though I don't venture there. But that way
you're far more likely to engage *users*.

>  - participating in a workshop/conference/other where we could directly meet 
> and discuss with the community
FOSDEM and Linux Days are probably the best choices.

>  - or simply starting an informal discussion by email where instead of having 
> to look into the Github repository, you could directly ask me
If someone has the time, that'll probably naturally happen through the
MLs. Christmas time tends to be peak bikeshedding hours at Gentoo, so
maybe cross-post to -dev closer to the holidays?

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