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> W dniu sob, 03.02.2018 o godzinie 09∶58 +0100, użytkownik Ulrich Mueller
> napisał:
>> > Add a check for common mistakes in commit messages. For now, it
>> > is pretty rough and exits immediately but it should be integrated
>> > with the editor in the future.
>> Have you tested this against existing commits in the gentoo repo?

> After checking the 10000 most recent commits, I have the following
> stats on invalid commit messages:

> [...]

> Most of the violations are uses of Gentoo-Bug and very long
> single-line commit messages; most likely people using '-m "very long
> message because I am lazy and can't use editor properly"'.

> Full list of violations in the sample:
> https://gist.github.com/mgorny/fa81ffe07ca9565198e4e44fb040bb19

IMHO this shows that some of the tests are too rigid. Especially,
"body lines should be wrapped at 72 characters" often triggers in
cases where rewrapping wouldn't improve readability.

Since GLEP 66 says that "the body *should* be wrapped at 72
characters" (my emphasis), I would suggest to relax this test a bit
and only flag body lines longer than 80 characters. Also, any lines
containing long URIs should be excluded from the test.


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