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> Hi,
> Here are three of four INSTALL_MASK updates I've sent long time ago
> which were not really reviewed. The fourth patch added support
> for repo-defined install-mask.conf and I'll do that separately.
> Those patches focus on smaller changes. What they change, in order:
> 1. Removes explicit file removal code for FEATURES=no*. Instead, those
>    values are converted into additional INSTALL_MASK entries
>    and handled directly via INSTALL_MASK processing.
> 2. Rework INSTALL_MASK to filter files while installing instead of
>    pre-stripping them. In other words, before: INSTALL_MASK removes
>    files from ${D} before merge. After: ${D} contains all the files,
>    Portage just skip INSTALL_MASK-ed stuff, verbosely indicating that.

Will this also remove corresponding split debug files?
There would be little/no point in keeping debug syms if the binary has been


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