>>>>> On Mon, 6 Aug 2018, Brian Dolbec wrote:

> But that too can be changed along with all the user install
> documentation which will need to be updated as well.  The new
> recomended location should be /var/db/repos/local.  I will be updating
> layman for /var/db/repos/... as well.  That is the intention of the
> "repos/" subdir.

What is the exact plan for layman? IIUC, only the storage dir should
be changed to /var/db/repos, but the rest (cache, installed,
make_conf) would stay under /var/lib/layman?

> All these changes as well as the catlayst changes need to be
> co-ordinated so that snapshots and portage and stages don't precede
> the docs changes.



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