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Zac Medico <zmed...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Since there aremany ways to manage repository storage, split out a
> repo storage framework. The HardlinkQuarantineRepoStorage class
> implements the existing default behavior, and the InplaceRepoStorage
> class implements the legacy behavior (when sync-allow-hardlinks is
> disabled in repos.conf).
> Each class implements RepoStorageInterface, which uses coroutine
> methods since coroutines are well-suited to the I/O bound tasks that
> these methods perform. The _sync_decorator is used to convert
> coroutine methods to synchronous methods, for smooth integration into
> the surrounding synchronous code.
> Bug: https://bugs.gentoo.org/662070

missing space in first line of commit message
s/aremany/are many


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