On 7/25/19 11:49 PM, Fabian Groffen wrote:
> Hi,
> On 25-07-2019 14:20:50 +0200, Michał Górny wrote:
>> Hi,
>> TL;DR: I'd like to make it possible for ebuilds to define additional
>> variables that will be stored in md5-cache.  This would be useful for CI
>> and other tooling that right now has to parse ebuilds for other data.
> Only downside I can think of, is a diskspace increase for the md5-cache.
> Not sure if this is going to be substantial, but given things like
> PYTHON_COMPAT, perhaps a quick calculation of extra "cost" can be made.
> Should diskspace become a problem, one could consider to use a separate
> file/dir, that users could rsync-exclude, since Portage won't need it to
> operate properly.

Yes, using a separate directory from md5-cache will provide useful
isolation. There's a lot of potential for bloat here, and by keeping it
separate we can easily render the bloat harmless.

> Thanks,
> Fabian-- 

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