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> Dear all,
> Still in the process of improving my solver (and make it a usable tool), I 
> need to have a better idea on how installed packages should be managed.


> I didn't find anything on that topic in the PMS (if I've missed it, I'm 
> sorry).
> Could you confirm/correct my following understanding:
>  1. installed packages that are still in the portage tree can be 
> unmerged/updated without any restriction (as specified in their .ebuild)


>  2. installed packages that are not in the portage tree can only be kept as 
> is or unmerged

Installed packages may also implement pkg_config and pkg_info phases
that can be executed via emerge --config and emerge --info.

>  3. before removing a library, "ebuild unmerge" always checks if it is used 
> by another package: this means that installed packages' dependencies are 
> never broken.

That's true if the package is removed via emerge --depclean, but emerge
--unmerge does not account for dependencies.

Also, it's possible for dependencies of installed packages to be
temporarily broken by upgrades. In cases like this, the breakage will
eventually be resolved by a rebuild (which occurs automatically for slot
operator := deps), upgraded, or by emerge --depclean (which removes
unneeded packages).

> Many thanks!
> Michael

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