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Dear all,

My bad for not noticing it sooner, but when there is a dependency like 
">=sys-fs/udev-208-r1:0/0[static-libs?]" (that occurs in 
 since 'static-libs' is not a use flags of sys-fs/udev-242, that cpv is 
silently not considered during dependency solving by emerge.
However, the PMS states:
 - it is an error for a use dependency to be applied to an ebuild which does 
not have the flag in question in IUSE_REFERENCEABLE
 - For EAPIs listed in table 5.4 as not supporting profile defined IUSE 
injection, IUSE_REFERENCEABLE is equal to the calculated IUSE value. For EAPIs 
where profile defined IUSE injection is supported, IUSE_REFERENCEABLE is equal 
And 'static-libs' is not in the IUSE_EFFECTIVE of sys-fs/udev-242 (that ebuild 
has EAPI=6).
So it seems to me that this current behavior of emerge should be considered an 
error, no? Or the PMS should be updated?

This is related to the tool I'm working on: should my tool allow this behavior, 
or fail like it is currently doing (I guess the former)?


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