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Il 29/06/20 03:58, Sid Spry ha scritto:
There are libraries that provide decorators, etc, for caching and
Have you evaluated any of those? One is available in the standard library:

I comment as this would increase code clarity.

I think portage developers try hard to avoid external dependancies
I hope hard they do

I think the key word here is 'external' - anything which is part of the
python standard library is game for inclusion in portage, and has/does
provide much needed optimisation. Many of the issues in portage are
so-called "solved problems" in computing terms, and as such, we should take
advantage of these to improve performance at every available opportunity.
Of course, there are presently only one, two or three key developers able
to make/test these changes (indeed at scale) so progress is often slower
than desirable in current circumstances...

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yes I've replied too fast and didn't notice Sid was referring to _standard_ libraries (not even recent additions)

sorry for the noise

- Francesco

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