On 03.09.20 13:30, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
>>>>>> On Thu, 03 Sep 2020, Florian Schmaus wrote:
>> This commit changes env-update so that, after profile.env has was
>> generated, a systemd user session environment configuration file named
>> /usr/lib/environment.d/gentoo-profile-env.conf
>> is created, if the directory /usr/lib/environment.d exists.
> Maybe a stupid question, but can't this file just source /etc/profile?

Akin to what 96e0294f0892 ("Add env gen to inject full Gentoo PATH to
services") in gentoo-systemd-integration does?

Unfortunately the answer is 'no', because gentoo-profile-env.conf is not
an interactive script, it is just a systemd configuration file.

> Maintaining the same information twice doesn't look like the right thing
> to do.

It's not really maintaining the information twice. The information is
maintained at a single point: /etc/env.d
And from there is is transformed by env-update already into two
different formats:
- /etc/profile.env
- /etc/csh.env

And with that change additionally into
- /usr/lib/environment.d/gentoo-profile-env.conf

- Florian

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