On 6/18/21 8:13 PM, Zac Medico wrote:
> On 6/18/21 6:01 PM, Zac Medico wrote:
>> If emerge --depclean fails to resolve any dependencies, then it will
>> now suggest emerge @unsatisfied-deps as the simplest possible
>> solution, and will also suggest to unmerge @unavailable where
>> appropriate at the end:
>> $ emerge --depclean
>> Calculating dependencies... done!
>>  * Dependencies could not be completely resolved due to
>>  * the following required packages not being installed:
>>  *
>>  *   virtual/cdrtools pulled in by:
>>  *     app-cdr/cdrdao-1.2.4
>>  *
>>  * Have you forgotten to resolve unsatisfied dependencies prior to
>>  * depclean? The simplest possible command for this purpose is as
>>  * follows:
>>  *
>>  *   emerge @unsatisfied-deps
> It turns out that @unsatisfied-deps is often unsuitable here because it
> pulls in a bunch of @installed packages, when you really want to use
> @world as the source of truth.

The underlying reason is the same as the reason that we've never used
@installed updates as a substitute for @world updates. It just doesn't
work, because @installed is polluted in comparison to @world.

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