Sam James posted on Thu,  7 Oct 2021 04:19:48 +0100 as excerpted:

[space-munged for wrap]
> + msg = "It seems that %s is not mounted. You have been warned." % path

Maybe something less vaguely ominous than "You have been warned."?

I'm supposing for /proc the repercussions are process priority and/or 
lifetime management, and for /run, locking.  So maybe:

"Portage locking and/or process lifetime and priority management may 

Or simpler/briefer to still fit on a single line with the "It seems..." 

"Process management may malfunction."

Omitting "that" after "It seems" to shorten further, the longer /proc 
case would result in:

It seems /proc is not mounted. Process management may malfunction.

Nicely under the target 70 chars. =:^)

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