Dale posted on Sat, 4 Dec 2021 10:01:00 -0600 as excerpted:

> As a user, I like the new color.  I to use a black background and the
> dark blue is hard to see.  I've also had to either copy and paste
> elsewhere or change the default color of Konsole.  I might add, every
> console, the ctrl+alt+F1 console, that I have ever seen is also black.
> As a user, +1 for the change.  If it is OK, +10.

FWIW I've long had my own color.map here, needed on a standard VT but 
useful in a terminal as well.  The new teal default seems a lot more sane 
to me.

Tho unfortunately color.map can't solve the entire problem due to some 
output not being color-settable in color.map.  See bug #759820.  While I 
filed that during a now-fixed konsole bug that made things (much!) worse, 
the fact that not all colored portage output can be color-set in 
color.map remains.  Hopefully that's being looked at as well, but that 
doesn't change the fact that an improved default color.map, as here, is 
useful too. =:^)

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