On 3/17/22 10:22, Michał Górny wrote:
Hi, everyone.

You've probably had the opportunity to hear that a lot has changed
in Python packaging since Portage's setup.py was written in 2014.  There
were some minor changes to keep it working since but it's time to

Long story short, distutils is strongly deprecated, setuptools
deprecated most of the customizations (and we're relying heavily
on customizations), PEP 517 doesn't cover our use cases exactly...
and it's quite likely that sooner or later our build system will fall
apart.  On top of that, setuptools is going through a stage of "let's
vendor a new dependency every week", so it doesn't look like a feasible
long-term solution.  A large part of the problem is that Portage is
heavily relying on non-Pythonic idioms for installing stuff.

I wonder if we can rely less on the deprecated customizations somehow. For example, the venv_data_files function in setup.py succeeds in installing a bunch of files in custom locations, and maybe we can rely more on that approach (use it not only for venv installations).

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