On 4/11/2022 15:20, Sid Spry wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2022, at 3:02 PM, Joshua Kinard wrote:
>> I think json is the best format for storing the data on-disk.  It's intended
>> to be a data serialization format to convert data from a non-specific memory
>> format to a storable on-disk format and back again, so this is a perfect use
>> for it.
> Can we avoid adding another format? I find json very hard to edit by hand, 
> it's
> good at storing lots of data in a quasi-textual format, but is strict enough 
> to be
> obnoxious to work with.

I sympathize with you here on this, json is not a format geared for editing
by hand...  :: looks disapprovingly at net-misc/kea ::

> Can the files not be concatenated? Doing so is similar to the tar suggestion,
> but would keep everything very portage-like. Have the contents assigned to
> variables. I am betting someone tried this at the start but settled on the 
> current
> scheme. Does anyone know why? (This would have to be done in bash syntax
> I assume.)
> Alternatively, I think the tar suggestion is quite elegant. There's streaming
> decompressors you can use from python. It adds an extra step to modify but
> that could be handled transparently by a dev mode. In dev mode, leave the 
> files
> after extraction and do not re-extract, for release mode replace the archive 
> with
> what is on disk.

Out of curiosity, what are you doing that requires manual editing of the VDB
data?  That data isn't, in normal scenarios, supposed to be arbitrarily
edited.  Throwing out a good optimization for what sounds like a niche
corner-case doesn't seem like a great plan.  Given json's malleable format,
and especially Matt's example script, converting from json data to another
format that's more conducive to manual editing in rare circumstances, then
converting back, is not impossible.

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