2022-07-26 07:03 UTCに、Florian Schmaus <f...@gentoo.org>は書いた:
> But then I wondered if "make SHELL=$BROOT/bin/sh" wouldn't override
> explicitly set SHELL values in Makefiles. Assume a package has
> SHELL = /bin/zsh
> in one of its Makefiles. Then emake would reset this to 'sh'. Which
> appears like it could cause build issues.
> If this is the case, then I am not sure what we can do about it. It
> appears fragile, if not impossible, to ask 'make' which value for SHELL
> it would assume, so that emake could adjust the path. Another option
> could be that affected packages define a variable in their ebuild, e.g.
> EMAKE_SHELL="zsh", which emake could extend with BROOT before passing
> the resulting value as SHELL to make.

If there was such package, it could just override SHELL on emake invocation:

src_compile() {
    emake SHELL="${BROOT}/bin/zsh"
    # Or:
    emake SHELL="$(type -P zsh)"

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