>>>>> On Sun, 26 Nov 2023, Michał Górny wrote:

> 3. Forcing `NO_COLOR=1` turns out to cause random test failures,
>    and while fixing them is commendable, it is a pain for arch testing
>    and it is currently blocking stabilization requests.

I'd argue that test suites that fail because of NO_COLOR are broken.
IIUC, these failures will show up for users who set NO_COLOR=1 in their
make.conf or in the environment?

> With the new approach, the color output in programs is consistent
> between using ``--jobs`` or ``--quiet-build``, and not.  Therefore,
> both cases generate uniform logs.  In order to obtain logs free of color
> codes, one can either filter them via `ansifilter(1)` (as the manpages
> already recommend) or explicitly set `NO_COLOR`.

Will this still guarantee that NO_COLOR=1 from the environment is always
passed on to the build system?

Otherwise, it would break ebuild-mode in some configurations.


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