In order to better adhere to our published DTD [1] and provide heavily
requested features, we've been making a few minor changes to the
generated XML format:

1) Slots can be added to package versions
Since we have discovered that our reference "GLSA client" implementation
glsa-check does already support slots (which as been a long-standing
feature request), we have started appending slot information to the
versions of the packages listed as affected and unaffected.

2) Dates are ISO8601
Before, the dates consisted of a mix of human-readable and RFC2822
formats; all dates are now given in the ISO8601 format.

3) <revised count="">
The date and revision number of the advisory revision used to be
concatenated within the <revised> tag. The DTD already contained the
count="" attribute for the revision ID which will be employed from now
on instead.



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