On Friday 04 July 2003 00:56, Hemmann, Volker Armin wrote:
> this DOES NOT influence the speed of the spindle. It just affects how fast
> the heads are accelerated/decellerated and moved into their positions.

So, if I understand you right I would get speed increase if I try to make this 
value larger?

> Accoustic settings are a little bit dangerous.
> A lot of disks only support two settings quiet (128) or fast (256), other
> have four, eight or 128 steps.

My drive definetely has more then 2 settings, because, I remember that before 
I changed value of acoustic option it was >200 and <256 -- somewhere in the 

So, I wont risk and stay with my current setup until someone here tells me 
that its safe to set some value (and this will give some speed effect) .... 
or until someone else tells that its very dangerous and will slow my drive 
down :).

Thanks for reply.


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