Hi, all!

I'm using blackbox wm and have noticed that the styles don't set the root
window background because the feature is disabled by the 

epatch ${FILESDIR}/disable_rootcommand.patch

The warning message says:

ewarn "RootCommand is now DISABLED to close a large"
ewarn "security hole."

I'm trying to think of an example that would exploit it and can't think of 
any. Could someone, please, explain it to me?

Here is my logic: when I set a particular style using 'blackbox' menu it's
'style' file is read from /usr/share/commonbox/styles directory.
all the files in it look like
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         3120 Jan 19 04:21 Twice

Why is it not to be trusted? How is it different from any other script owned
by 'r00t'?


- Andrey

~ In theory, practice and theory are the same,
  but in practice they are different (Larry McVoy) ~

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