In the same console you opened wvdial, just type ctrl-c.  If you want to 
reconnect, just type in wvdial in the ssmae console. 

Robert Crawford

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 05:15 am, Bo Grimes wrote:
> James wrote:
> >I always use wvdial with ppp for dial-out.
> As a command-line cripple (um, make that challenged) I have always used
> KPPP.  However, recently with Ubuntu I was forced to learn some of wvdial.
> Ubuntu only provides Gnome, and the network set-up wizard wouldn't
> work.  I used apt (apt-got I guess one could say) to get KDE, and KPPP
> wouldn't work, but before I could even use apt I had to get a connection.
> Having heard of wvdial, I checked to see if it was installed, and it
> was.  Then I read the man pages, and maybe it wasn't the best way but I
> ended up creating a file (isp) and running wvdial --config isp, and got
> connected.
> Having heard of screen, I read up on it and learned how to detach the
> wvdial process.
> What I never learned was how to shut it down apart from finding its PID
> and killing it.  Even then it often began redialing unless I killed my
> terminal session.
> I thought about trying to write by first script, making it executable
> and giving it an icon on my panel so I didn't have to open a terminal
> every time I wanted to get on-line, but I knew I would first have to
> learn how to shut it down.
> It was a good learning experience.  What's the elegent way to use wvdial
> to connect and disconnect?
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