On Saturday 26 February 2005 23:41, Walter Dnes wrote:
>   1) I notice some occasional mention of people continuing to use their
> systems while emerge is running.  Intuitively, this seems like driving
> your car while mechanics are working on it.  I shut down every X session
> and every text console except one root session running the actual
> emerge.  Is this unnecessary?  Are there any booby-traps to watch for if
> I want to use my system while "emerge --ask --deep --update --world" is
> running?
>   2) After a while I've found the messages (at the end of the emerge
> session) about config files, useless and rather annoying.  I now execute
> rm `find /etc -iname '._cfg????_*'`
> whenever such a message shows up.  No problems... yet.  Is it a good
> idea, or have I just been lucky?

I was tempting to do the same until I discovered etc-update.
Just use it!

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