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On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Antoine wrote:

I have never really been interested in Grub cos it is more complicated than lilo, and lilo has never given me any probs at all (I always install to mbr as well).

One huge advantage of grub over lilo is the fact that you can edit the boot choices from within grub, so if you find out you typo'd something, you can edit it and still get in without booting to a rescue disk.

Christopher Fisk

As far as i know lilo needs to record the address in the HD where the kernel is located,
make it very hardware-depedent, that's why even if you change a minimal option in the kernel
(for example tweaking a few things in .config), you need to re-run lilo.

Instead GRUB lets that job to the filesystem itself, (specifying root partition), so even
if you do big changes to the kernel, as long as you don't change the filename (if you do,
you only need to edit menu.lst) things will work fine without touching grub.

I really recommend Grub, probably it is a bit tricky to understand it at first (but hey!,
lilo doesn't look _that_ easy either) ,but you won't find any un-answered question in
the info pages, 20 minutes carefully reading it will save you hours and days of booting
problems (it has happened to me).


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