Dave Nebinger <dnebinger <at> joat.com> writes:

> > I did 'emberge unmerge ghostview' and 'merge ghostview-afpl' earlier
> > today...
> In that case I'd re-emerge cups.  There are parts of cups that tie into
> ghostview for the printing of postscript files.  Having a different
> ghostview implementation could be causing you some problems.

emerge unmerge ghostscript-afpl
emerge  ghostscript

did the trick....

Well, come to think of it, the hp4000n is set up for postscript....

That was it!

Thanks to all, and to you Dave  
(will I dream, Dave?)......2010 ....

(Well, I don't know, Hal, but if you do, it'll be in color postscript now!)


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